Integration tools

Streamline your development process using these tools.

Vtex VTex Module

The Andreani Connect module is the only and first 100% Logistics solution integrated to the Vtex platform.


Integrate faster, include the SDK in your PHP platform.

Embed Track & Trace

By simply including a JavaScript library, embed the tracking site on your website.

Magento2 Magento 2.1 Module

Integrate Andreani's logistic services with your Magento-based eCommerce with just a few steps.

Magento2 Magento 2.2 Module

Now you can also easily integrate your platform based on the new version of Magento.

Etiqueta Base Label

Use this HTML code to generate your own labels.

Little time to invest in development?

Use our web platforms to manage your shipments.

Andreani Online

Masively create shippings, print labels, receive notifications and more.

Andreani Online

Personalized Tracking Website

Keep a single experience for your users, have a tracking website with the image of your brand.

Seguimiento Web